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Highly recommended.

One of the greatest '80s bands you never heard. The new wave band Single Bullet Theory formed in Richmond, VA, in 1976 as X-Breed, a group featuring vocalist Michael Maurice Garrett, Frank Daniel on guitar and drummer Dennis Madigan. The band changed its name to Single Bullet Theory after Gary Alan Holmes (guitar) and Davey Wynn (bass) joined.

This was a band that opened for The Patti Smith Group, Talking Heads, and The Stranglers. And toured with The Ramones and The Pretenders. They knew VU’s John Cale and courted him to produce their first record. He couldn’t, one of the near misses that marked the history of a band that could never quite get the right producer or record deal to capture their live sound and place them in the middle of a rock ‘n roll revolution.

They recorded the songs on this EP during the late 1970s, about midway through their glorious run, and it captures the band’s energy. These are the first tracks SBT has released since their eponymous LP, issued on Nemperor Records, more than 40 years ago.

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