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SIDA - s/t LP

Et mon cul c'est du tofu ?

SIDA - s/t LP

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Highly recommended. 

Debut LP from a band that shows little interest in compromise. While the obvious influences of Brainbombs, No Trend and the Messthetics comps haunts the record, the less evident Hip-Hop feeling in Maissa's voice gives a rather peculiar mood to the whole record. Rewards repeat listens and recommended for Teledetente 666 and Pustostany fans.  

Sporadically touring France and Europe to deliver the spontaneous outbursts of rage that their performances consist of, the band grew into one of the most crucial noise-rock / no-wave outfit in France. SIDA is the sum of four tireless members:
-Luca Retraite, aka Ventre de Biche his solo synth-punk project, with an LP on Teenage Menopause, is also a sketch artist
-Quentin Chevalier, working on experimental cinema in Marseille, drummer of Delacave, with an LP on the same Teenage Menopause
-Maïssa D. aka Theoreme, who just released its debut LP on Bruit Direct Disques
-Adrien Coquart, challenging the space between drawing, music and performance under the moniker «ZAD KOKAR & MES COMBI BEYAZ » in which Sydney Koke (The Courtneys/Shearing Pinx) can be spotted.

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