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SHUTDOWN 66 - Come On Girl Gimme Half A Chance LP


SHUTDOWN 66 - Come On Girl Gimme Half A Chance LP

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Melbourne's legendary neo-garagepunkers SHUTDOWN 66 are back again!

Featuring members of THE BREADMAKERS, HEKAWIS, THE PURITANS and DRIVEWAY SERVICE these boys have created their own unique and mindblowing sound, strongly influenced by 60's garagepunk and British R&B, that has a worldwide fanbase.

Between 1998 and 2004 they released four smashing albums and several singles and split-singles - all of which sold out long ago; while GET HIP RECORDINGS reissued their debut album 'Welcome To Dumpsville' the other albums are hard to come by.

You get that premium stomping garagepunk with a strong R&B-infusion flaunting dirty fuzz-guitars, the right amount of farfisa-organ and harmonica, and of course singer Nicky Shutdown's cool, screaming voice! While the catchy 'You're Killing Me Down' and 'In This Town' remind one of 80's-garagepunkers THE MIRACLE WORKERS and snotty songs like 'I Dig The Way You Put Me Down' and 'I Saw Something Good (I Had To Make It Bad)' go more in the raw, punky direction best compared to bands like THE GRUESOMES and with 'I Don't Wanna Cry' and 'The Saddest Girl In The World' they also added moody garage-rock-songs.

An absolutely stunning garagepunk album, indispensable to any good record collection!

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