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Don Giovanni


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Bands like Bratmobile were among some of the most exciting things to happen to punk rock in the early ’90s, bringing a much-need female perspective to the somewhat stale genre via the Riot Grrrl movement. As Bratmobile’s singer, Allison Wolfe helped remind folks that bands like The Slits, The Plasmatics, and X-Ray Spex were just as important as the Sex Pistols and The Damned in helping to scare the shit out of the status quo.

It’s no surprise then that Wolfe, now fronting Sex Stains, is continuing to carry on that tradition of unapologetic, genre-busting music. The band’s 12-songs self-titled debut careens from post punk (“Land of La La”) to reggae (“Cutie Pie”) adding in plenty of pop hooks here and there for good measure.

Along with Wolfe, Sex Stains brings together Pachy Garcia, Mecca Vazie Andrews, Warpaint’s David Orlando, and Sharif Dumani. The band’s jerky, frantic style is absolutely addictive, sounding less like a band trying to cultivate a soundtrack to fit into a scene, and more like a group of friends just out to record music that makes them dance.

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