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SEWERS - Weight LP


SEWERS - Weight LP

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Limited to 300 copies.
Highly recommended.

Bottom-feeder band, SEWERS combine the cunning of the Country Teasers, the wonk of The Fall and a Killdozer scrawl. It’s a stew of Australia’s finest deadly exports like King Snake Roost, Lubricated Goat, and feedtime. Sewers ain’t afraid to piss in the pond, keeping the Tasmanian tradition of inbreeding alive.

"…with the addition of a second guitarist, however it’s a noticeable change here on Weight. Seeing as how the band already had this whole scuzzy ear ringing guitar sound down pretty good the first go around, it’s now such a wonderful mess of sounds just falling all over each other in the best of ways. Just layered grossness coming from every direction while the singer staggers along with the jumbled post-punk noise being laid down, developing that sense of recklessness/carelessness that vibes well with what they’ve been doing all along, but now the antics are matched by a wall of lumbering buzz that doesn’t relent and makes absolutely no attempt to climb its way out of the gutter. Excellent follow up from this nefarious bunch." (Built On A Weak Spot)

"Brisbane’s Sewers, who are improving with each release into a noise rock outfit worth keeping a peeper on. By Weight, they’ve added a second guitarist and their sorta dingy sound starts to seep out of the bottom and get all over the floor. Despite drums that don’t have enough presence and a singer who might be hissing through a megaphone, Sewers turn on a sort of perverse charm here, and the version of “Chain of Command” on the LP is so thoroughly fixed that you might not ever need listen to their earlier works again. No wheel reinvention here, just 11 songs about the brutality of life below means, coupled with Australian summer heat and body/mind traps that glue us all down to the worst of the planet. (RECOMMENDED, Still Single)

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