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SEPULTURA - Machine Messiah 2LP

Nuclear Blast

SEPULTURA - Machine Messiah 2LP

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"Machine Messiah" is the 14th full-length studio album by Brazilian metal act Sepultura. The album was released through Nuclear Blast Records in January 2017. It´s the successor to "The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart" from 2013, and features the exact same lineup who recorded the predecessor.

Stylistically the material on "Machine Messiah" is a combination of thrash and groove metal, and there are even a couple of progressive metal traits to be found, which isn´t a completely new thing in Sepultura´s universe, but it´s less understated here than on previous efforts into progressive territories. The latter is only an influence though and is mostly heard on the instrumental "Iceberg Dances" and the following "Sworn Oath". "Machine Messiah" is overall a rather adventurous release, and in addition to the two tracks mentioned above, there are fast aggressive thrashers like "I Am the Enemy" and "Silent Violence", and heavy epic tracks like "Cyber God" and the title track (which features some really strong clean vocals by Derrick Green), featured on the album. Tracks like "Phantom Self" and "Resistent Parasites" both feature a lot of heavy grooves, but that´s an element, which is dominant throughout the album. So all in all "Machine Messiah" is a relatively varied album.

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