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Super Secret


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Highly recommended by Strangeworld.

Super Secret Records strike gold again! We declared their PLAX 'Clean Feeling' LP as our Punk Rock LP of 2018 and this is an early contender for Album of the Year 2018.

SEAN MORALES (bassist of JAMES ARTHUR'S MANHUNT and ICHI NI SAN SHI) began writing the songs for Call it In while living alone in Houston, then started shaping the songs with wife and drummer, ERICA BARTON after moving back to Austin. Sean then reached out to JONATHAN HORNE—a brilliant Jazz-bent guitarist known for his work with YOUNG MOTHERS, Ichi Ni San Shi, and KNEST—and other heavy friends from the Austin Rocknroll underground like ORVILLE NEELEY (OBN IIIs), BRIAN SCHMITZ (GOLDEN BOYS), and JAMES ARTHUR to bring whatever they had on them at the time; be it laughter, Clubtails, or scorching guitar. Call it In is an occasion to celebrate the ease of life. It’s an inviting debut that calls you over for a sundown evening of bourbon on the porch and unfolds into unexpected conversational turns. There is an alien familiarity in this record that resembles a solo night drive through blabber and smoke to arrive at a familiar room to find that Alex Chilton, Wreckless Eric, and the members of Amon Duul are already in the house, waiting for Junior Kimbrough to play. It’s something that could have conceivably happened at some point, but it’s still a dream.

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