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SCREAMERS - Demos Hollywood 1977 12"

Superior Viaduct

SCREAMERS - Demos Hollywood 1977 12"

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Without question, The Screamers are the greatest band in the history of punk to never issue an official release. They were decades ahead of their time and were admired heavily by Iggy Pop (who wanted to produce them) and Devo (who wanted to tour with them nationally). The Screamers practically pioneered the genre known as "synth punk" single-handedly, as they featured two synthesizes in favor of using guitars. 

“These songs were recorded a few months after the Los Angeles punk scene began. These five statements of intent transcend Punk and project forward into the future: to the analog synth wave of the late ’70s and beyond, to the present day, four decades later, when they finally receive an official release. Sourced from the original reel-to-reels, they are a revelation compared to the countless copies that have been circulating by multiple generations of tape-traders. Here, for the first time, is the Screamers’ initial and legendary manifesto." - Jon Savage

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