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SALT LICK - Doctor of Love 7"


SALT LICK - Doctor of Love 7"

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Highly recommended. 

The early '70s were an incredible time for RocknRoll. Music had lost it’s virginity and abuse of all sorts was running rampant. Bands were turning up, de-tuning, and dropping out left and right. Bad trips and other people’s battles were bumming everybody out and the discontent was palpable. These vibes are what informed SALT LICK's first recordings. Informed and influenced by the Motor City scene as much as the boneheaded side of the American underground, Salt Lick recorded these two crunchy tunes in one short late-night session in a seedy LA neighborhood. Bargain basement beer flowed like wine and you can almost hear the pull-tabs being popped over the hiss of the tape machine. The men of Salt Lick came together over a collective disdain of the castrated rock they’d been hearing and wanted to toughen things up a bit, all while keeping it groovy. “If the ladies ain’t having a good time, no one is.”, one member recalls thinking. No picture sleeve necessary. Everything you need to see is on the label.

Recommended if you like: Brown Acid, Acid Nightmares, regular Acid, The Stooges, MC5, Leaf Hound, Jerusalem, Josefus, Blues Creation, Sir Lord Baltimore, Grand Funk, Floating Bridge, Les Variations, and the one good song on a bunch of major label LPs from the early 70s. 

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