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RUBS - Impossible Dream LP


RUBS - Impossible Dream LP

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Highly recommended by Strangeworld.

For anybody that loves Big Star or any of the insanely good power pop we've had available previously such as Moondogs or JD Buhl don't snooze - repressed in an edition of 110 copies!

Agonizingly articulate pop that can barely contain it’s own excitement, these songs just keep hitting you, one after another, each better than the last, just continuously pounding their unwavering contagiousness into your brazen heart. From the instant “Wrong Right Girl” kicks off, it’s a tense and tender tear through the highs and lows of girls, summer, breakups, and tight jeans, drizzled with a reduction of those irresistible vocal hooks. With a run through a series of songs all named after individual heart-breakers (Judy, Amy, Ruby, & Emily), from slow-burners to hyper-charged rockers, there’s such a great variety of styles and deliveries you just don’t see very often in modern power pop.

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