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ROUTES - Left My Mind LP

Dead Beat

ROUTES - Left My Mind LP

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Bent corner sleeve.

"The Routes are one of, if not THE best garage outfit out there today. So forget about the bands hiding their inadequacies behind tons of effects and divert your attention with their flashy costumes. Forget about the bands who claim to be a garage band, but play a wimpy mix of shoegaze and light pop. You can even forget about the multitude of garage bands who got the right idea and gear but fail to deliver. This is the real deal! Eleven songs that only rely on raw talent, raw power, and raw production (and the scuzziest fuzz guitar sound you’ve ever heard) to deliver some of the best garage punk tunes this side of ’66. Yet, unlike many of their 60s counterparts, the Routes managed more than a one hit wonder, as you’ll rapidly realise. The album is simply full of memorable tunes, bursting with pissed-off energy and earworm melodies (and the scuzziest fuzz guitar sound you’ve ever heard), and the Routes’ highly distinguishable sound.  So play that record already, and get ready to blow the cobwebs off your speakers with the stompin’, grindin’ sound (and the scuzziest fuzz guitar sound you’ve ever heard) of the Routes!" - Christophe Lopez-Huici (Bananas Magazine)

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