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RODRIGUEZ - Coming From Reality LP


RODRIGUEZ - Coming From Reality LP

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2019 remastered reissue.
180 gram vinyl. 
Inner sleeve with lyrics. 

Without the psychedelic trimmings of his debut, I just don't find this quite as enjoyable. Still, a pretty good straight ahead singer/songwriter outing with only one real dud.

With the hopes of becoming bigger than Marvin Gaye, Rodriguez packed his bags and flew non-stop from Detroit to London to work on his second. This time he was surrounded by producer Steve Rowland (Pretty Things, The Cure) and a pack of British studio players. It didn't whitewash his music any. He continues to sound like a psychedelic Jose Feliciano. "SANREVAN LULLABY" has a full orchestral backing track and may be the LPs spotlight moment. Not sure what it's about but to me it sounds like the story of a depressed and suicidal boxer. Years before Morrissey's song "Boxers". Other tracks of interest are "HEIKKI'S SUBURBIA BUS TOUR", a full blown fuzz guitar rocker and "A MOST DISGUSTING SONG" which crosses Jim Croce with Alzo & Udine, it's basically a spoken word tune about weirdos who live in his neighborhood. Folks Mr.Rogers never talks about.

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