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ROBBIE BASHO - The Grail & The Lotus LP


ROBBIE BASHO - The Grail & The Lotus LP

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Remastered. Limited to 500 copies.

The Grail & The Lotus, released in 1966 was Basho's second release for the Takoma label. Supposedly, the thematics of The Grail & The Lotus came to Basho while recovering from a feverish bout of pneumonia, and in that state Basho envisioned and expressed a simultaneous glimpse of the Feudal Age, European and Japanese evocations side-by-side, both co-mingling with Knighthoods in Flower. A truly outsider take on the American primitive genre, The Grail & The Lotus is finally reissued for the first time on vinyl, 50 years after its initial release.

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