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The Replacements, circa 1982, or the "reckless jerk years". Perfect at channeling our bottled-up teen angst, the band lays down "Kids Don't Follow"—their anti-authority anthem—and then Paul Westerberg practically strains his voice in "Fuck School," where he's pissed at the jocks and kids for laughing in the middle of his speech. He sings it for us dorks and we understand. The Replacements gradually became more organized and less scampy, but back when they were still on Twin/Tone in Minneapolis, they released some of the best, most apathetic, trashy punk ever caught on record. Put on Stink and you'll see what I mean. Goofball, to-the-point songs like "Dope Smokin Moron," "God Damn Job," and "White and Lazy" with its raunchy harmonica that later turns into hardcore punk madness. "Gimme Noise" ends it with pure "Noise! Noise NoiseNoisennnn...!" before coming to a crashing halt. They may have been lyrically more compelling in a few short years, but this is all about total dumb, sloppy fun.

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