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RAZZ - Time Frames LP

Emotional Response

RAZZ - Time Frames LP

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Highly recommended. 

Think the rock of Real Kids / Moondogs / Undertones meets Big Star / Replacements / Redd Kross hooks. It's incredible. 

RAZZ are a reminder that simple Rock & Roll chord structure does not necessarily equate to unoriginal. Time Frames lives up to the pedigree of the band's cast of characters. ANDY HUMAN (moonlighting outside his Reptoids) on bass, and PHILLIP LANTZ (TALKIES) on drums lay the groundwork on which JOEL CUSUMANO (SOB STORIES, Talkies) and DAN WOOD (ex-PETS) weave guitars with architectural precision. The blueprints for these sonic sculptures spring from the mind of Wood, one of those rare songwriters who somehow teases out the complexities of life in a few couplets and delivers them in a riveting, plaintive voice set against sweeping, jagged waves of guitar. And what sets these RAZZ tunes apart from all your other favorite great rock and roll songs? Well, Wood has an uncanny knack for crafting the perfect middle eight—that part of a great song that burns white hot with all the dichotomous tensions wrapped around your heart, squeezing until its about to burst! RAZZ are TIMELESS and NOW—intricate POP disguised as BIG ROCK tunes! 

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