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RAZEN - Robot Brujo 2LP

Hands In The Dark

RAZEN - Robot Brujo 2LP

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Includes d/l code.
Limited to 500 copies. 
Highly recommended.

Belgian underground and experimental masters provide a journey that takes just over an hour, going through six unique tracks of old European music and deep listening, crafted into acoustic minimalism... 

Each of the six improvisations on this double LP is made up of the barest of materials, with the three musicians relying on a limited combination of tones. They lay their focus on small variations in timbre, timing, articulation and vibration, which creates a narrowing of consciousness, and feels something a bit like staring meditatively at the minute changes of leaves blowing in the wind.

Recorded over two sessions, in what Razen themselves refer to as their detached playing style, Robot Brujo stands as an auditory magnifying glass of concentration, in all its uncanny and minimal glory.

It is yet another new step up from the deep listening ensemble from Brussels, after nearly 10 years exploring music together.

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