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RAYNE - s/t LP

Mighty Mouth

RAYNE - s/t LP

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Highly recommended.

Frank Saucier and his three brothers formed Rayne in 1977, located in a New Orleans suburb. They recorded the album with good home equipment with no overdubs. The original album ("the black album," as they called it), released in 1979, was only pressed 300 times and during a moment of frustration, they took a box of the album and shot it with a shotgun, making this a hard collector-find, in the truest sense.

The music is first class psych rock - strong compositions with great guitars and vocals - everything just right and something you would expect from bayou tough-guys - pure Southern spirit.

The appeal of this album is its kind of utterly unique sound and no-bullshit attitude. No boogie, no (by then) tired hard rock moves, no played out fey folk mannerisms, no "I'm a songwriter" tedium, nothing that was trendy at that point and they wind up sounding quite ahead of their time. Songs about life, nothing sugar-coated, just raw rock recorded at home by four guys who would eventually become disillusioned with the music business and quit.

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