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Conquest of Noise


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Rättens Krater have been around since winter 2011 and were formed in Kärrgruvan, a small used-to-be mining town with a population of 1,000 in the mid-swedish inlands. A north european wasteland, a landscape of left behinds. The band consists of Jompen/Johnny the Goon on electric piano and synthesizers, S.E.D./W.O.D on drums and percussion, Ekis/Danger Zone on vocals and guitar, Slisken/The Filth on bass and Läderbiffen/The Leather Stud on lead vocals.

Musically you’ll find them crammed up somewhere between bands like Neu!, The Misfits, Crass, The Units and the Swedish postpunk unit Cortex. Since their start Rättens Krater have released two EP’s and one LP. The two EP’s ”Stora stöten” and ”Nordvästpassagen” were released on their own label Republiken Bergslagen Grammofon and their debut LP ”Bygga upp ett stort berg” on the Cleveland based Dead Beat Records.

They have themselves referred to their particular style of postpunk as terror pop; unholy noise, ideology and horror disguised as punk edged pop music. With ”URRAH!” Rättens Krater presents resistance at all levels, a psychedelic rural uproar against it all. It’s music against mass society, against the hated convenience, bleached teeth, the smell of new car, the Internet, liquor monopoly, state and government. War dogs in their own minds, Rättens Krater is everything that your wretched heart should desire but doesn't."

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