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RADIOHEAD - The King of Limbs LP

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RADIOHEAD - The King of Limbs LP

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The more you begin to pay attention to The King of Limbs, the more it stops stops being a cohesively working album formed from individual pieces working together, and instead it begins to present itself more and more as one big musical block. That isn't to say that any of its eight cuts lack any sort of individual strength or aren't recognisable on their own. Quite the opposite: there might only be a handful of songs but they're all rather distinguishable. "Bloom" stutters atmosphere into infinite space. "Morning Mr Magpie" is a Radiohead Rock Moment with the neurotic switch flipped to maximum. "Little by Little" rattles and jangles. "Feral" is a twitch-dance anthem. "Lotus Flower" lays down its thick groove in a creepily seductive way. "Codex" is beauty. "Give Up the Ghost" is a lonely and haunted campfire song. "Separator" is a chilled, peaceful closer that skips about almost merrily. They're eight highly recognisable and quite strong songs; definitely nothing that would sound like one unidentifiable blob of music.

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