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RADIOHEAD - Kid A Mnesia 3LP


RADIOHEAD - Kid A Mnesia 3LP

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Includes Amnesiac and Kid A plus reconstructed album, Kid A Mnesia over another single LP.

The band have cleverly constructed a very unique album- using the scrapped material from the recording sessions, alternate takes, and unreleased songs, they have created a nightmarish experience very similar to… well, you probably know the album we're talking about. It sounds like somebody attempting to remember Kid A and Amnesiac, but their mind is so broken that Kid Amnesiae is what comes out. It is a breathtakingly uncanny landscape of sound, decorated with terrifying interludes, alternate universe versions of classic Radiohead cuts, as well as new material - these new songs, while beautiful, come off almost like impostors, false memories. An unstable recollection.

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