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“I know you’re trouble, give me a double.” 

"This is a line plucked from ‘No Fun’, the new ripper from Melbourne punk outfit Rabid Dogs. Much like the group’s name indicates, Rabid Dogs pumps out a frenzied and ferocious onslaught that is both barbarous and barbed. The band’s sound is wiry and tough, durable and formidable but not without malleability. Rabid Dogs is starting off the year with a 7” EP – released officially on Friday January 19 through the esteemed Aarght Records – and ‘No Fun’ is the first cab off the rank when the needle drops. That there line up the top is a pretty good analogy of sorts when describing the Rabid Dogs appeal – you know from the outside this band is up to no good but that’s not going to stop you diving deep. You know it’s going to be worth it." - Weirdo Wasteland

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