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Pouet! Schallplatten


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Highly recommended.

Polish post-punk, released on cassette a few years back and now getting a second life thanks to this speedy platter. Not hard to see why, as these eight songs reveal a sound both mechanical and ornery, on the trajectory of mid-late ‘90s/early ‘00s revivalists of the form (Metamatics, The Crainium, Scissor Girls, Xerobot/Numbers), taking the “Rowche Rumble”-meets-Aural Guerrilla approach to heart and to task. The music screams ACTION, with that primitive lo-bit Atari sounding synth howling and bubbling all over the place, and the rhythmic/chordal agenda set to march/stomp. Lyrics are in native tongue but song titles are translated for us. On the garage, noise, no wave and synth-punk axes, this thing totally rips, with energy to burn.

Probably the most loud and punishing and dare I say "punk" release on Sweet Rot even though there are massive amounts of harsh electronics to be found. For fans of Teledetente, SIDA, Dow Jones and the Industrials.

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