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PROTOMARTYR - The Agent Intellect LP

Hardly Art

PROTOMARTYR - The Agent Intellect LP

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Highly recommended.

In an era where we have more than enough post-punk to fill the bucket, it is even more impressive when a band takes this popular route and yet manages to rock louder than the competition—which is exactly what Protomartyr have accomplished here. How they achieve this victory is explicitly stated in the very title, as it is their resilient intellect which reveals their forceful fixation on unhesitatingly stabbing the grittiest of the genre directly into your belly and deranging your innards, leaving a nauseating discomfort but also a memory which won’t be escaping your mind any time soon. The mournful songs cement themselves together, so similar in execution that it can be difficult to differentiate which specific slurry monotone poetic musing is currently surrounding you in a desolate dystopian depression, yet so bold and true to itself that you almost want to laugh, unsure if this is supposed to be a piss-take all along? I dare not ask. Regardless, as Protomartyr’s third (and undeniably best) release, they are only now coming into their own, and that should unnerve you more than anything else as to what comes next.

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