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PROTOMARTYR - No Passion All Technique LP (colour vinyl)


PROTOMARTYR - No Passion All Technique LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition blue vinyl. 
Includes 20 page zine and d/l code with 4 bonus tracks from the original recording session. 
Highly recommended.

One of the most genuine American post-punk albums to be made in this day and age. Originals are not only tough to come by, they fetch large dollars. 

The beautiful meddling of the frantic guitar picking on top of the bouncy and vivid bass and drum and Joe Casey's signature urban howls and crooning is a unique and puckish tribute to many past American garage, proto / hardcore punk acts with a slight twist of English worship like The Fall while being so beautifully contemporary. Something like this could only come from a place of rapid urban deprecation, and in this we hear not just cries of distraught from a once booming industrial mecca but also a prideful roar of those left behind in this alienating future from all walks of life.

In a way it's sort of a shame that they weren't immediately given any significant spotlight until their production got cleaner because the playfulness / rawness of this release is something that's really hard to replicate now.

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