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** FLASH SALE ** PRIVATE ANARCHY - Central Planning LP

Round Bale

** FLASH SALE ** PRIVATE ANARCHY - Central Planning LP

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Limited to 275 copies. 
Highly recommended. 

Solo art-punk project of Clay Kolbinger (Maths Balance Volumes, Termite Acropolis). His previous eponymous cassette on Round Bale Recordings found its way into Marc Masters’ Best Cassette Releases of 2017 list for his Hi-Bias column where he wrote, “Coursing with wiry riffs, rattling beats, and deadpan singing, the debut tape by Private Anarchy echoes the fiery racket of many post-punk forebears. In other words, you could say Private Anarchy sounds like the Fall, Swell Maps, and lots of bands who sound like those bands. But there’s something idiosyncratic about Kolbinger’s bent geometry that’s harder to pin down. It’s not so hard to feel its effects though: the 11 tracks here all carry the insular DIY genius that often inhabits basements, attics, and garages, with Kolbinger banging away as if music is his only source of heat.”

On Central Planning, Kolbinger further expands upon this skewed framework, introducing a more elastic vocal approach and a more experimental edge to the production. But, the basic formula is still intact: you’ll hear rapid-fire minimalist punk songs that feature buoyant rhythms and dueling guitar parts performed with jittery exactness. It’s a DIY sound that begs to make its way out of the basement, and with this larger LP edition, chances are that you’ll invite a slice of Private Anarchy into your own life. 

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