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PRINCE - Parade: Music From The Motion Picture Under The Cherry Moon LP


PRINCE - Parade: Music From The Motion Picture Under The Cherry Moon LP

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Parade is definitely one of Prince's finest releases.  It's a sprawling kaleidoscope of sounds and textures, many new to his oeuvre, many previously explored.  And it all coheres awesomely, feeling much longer than its forty-five minute running time.  Opening with a brisk four-song suite, Parade's atmosphere is set: that is, anything can happen, and its all going to be quirky and beautifully strange.  Images of France embellish the album's lyrics, while musically there is everything from swooning ballads, vaudevillian pop, funk, psychedelia, and, oh yeah, some of what was to be expected from Prince by this point.  That comes in the form of Kiss, the magnificent lead single and the most popular song here.  But really there are plenty of gems to found, from New Position's clanking march, to Girls and Boy's bouncy textures, and all the way to the achingly gorgeous closer, Sometimes it Snows in April.  A much bigger hit in Europe than the U.S., Parade is unfortunately overlooked on a popular scale, but is worth anyone's time who is willing to let its wonderful world envelop them.

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