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PRANA CRAFTER - Bodhi Cheetah's Choice LP

Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

PRANA CRAFTER - Bodhi Cheetah's Choice LP

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Highly recommended. 

"Psych-folk at its finest... Bodhi Cheetah's Choice is dank with the moss of the best burrowed forest psych - bubbling acoustic strums in a vat of ozone-scummed guitar... haunting ambience, via organ moans, electronic thrums, and the rhythmic hum of field recordings." - RAVEN SINGS THE BLUES 

Debut is an electric woods walk which rambles, soars and flows through a heavy fog of psychedelia. The music of Prana Crafter is most easily tagged acid folk but such a reduction misses the electronic and avant influences, the boggy atmospheres and synthesized meditations. 

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