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POWER - Electric Glitter Boogie LP / CD

In The Red

POWER - Electric Glitter Boogie LP / CD

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The appeal of Power is the spontaneous brilliance of live Australian hard rock music. The heat from relentless live performance in the greasy confines of the inner city pub was strong in the 70’s circuit, and the debut LPs of many of Australia’s greatest bands are the testimony of many late nights twitching and sweating it out.

Troglodyte rock music and inner city Melbourne have always made sense. Every week there have been bands playing fast and loose. Last year, Power was this band, and immediately earned comparison to Melbourne’s Coloured Balls, sharing that edge of menace in their affection for boogie rock and the same air of familiarity with aforementioned greasy confines.

2014 was the year Power stepped up, and hosted their own weekly residency in this city, kicking through backyard parties and seemingly hundreds of Tote shows with the collection of songs they recorded at the right moment and turned into this LP.

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