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PLAN NINE - I Ain't No Robot 7"

Supreme Echo

PLAN NINE - I Ain't No Robot 7"

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Limited edition of 500 copies.

Replica labels and sleeve plus a booklet with flyers, photographs and their story.

Canadian prairie punk by the three King brothers who moved out from Toronto in the fall of 1980 to become one of Calgary’s earliest on the scene! The late Bob King’s witty and thought provoking socio-political lyrics transformed from bedroom acoustic songs into a flurry of wild wah-wah fuzz and shredding guitars with over tones of power-pop and hard rock.

Canada’s “praries” are the equivalent to the USA’s “mid-west” and the sound of this EP is exactly that! Imagine Devo & The Gizmos as Canadian punk rockers.

This carefully remastered mega-long EP reissues their impossibly rare four song 7” EP from 1981 with two unreleased demo tracks from 1982.

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