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PIXIES - Trompe Le Monde LP (colour vinyl)


PIXIES - Trompe Le Monde LP (colour vinyl)

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Here's one of the many reasons that the Pixies are a curious exception to rock history - off the top of my head, I can't think of another band who have four albums as distinct from one another, in terms of what appeal the listener gets from them.  There are others who have albums that cover more sonic territory and reach a further range of subtext and meaning, sure, but even within that most bands only have one way in which they can appeal to you as a listener.

To wit, then - if Surfer Rosa is the geek's album, and Doolittle is the album for people who want big-lunged, screamalong pop anthems, then Trompe le monde is the rock album.  The big, sweaty, dirty rock album.

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