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PIXIES - Surfer Rosa LP


PIXIES - Surfer Rosa LP

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What else can really be said about the Pixies? Frank Black, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago, and David Lovering, four of the most talented, creative, and interesting musicians from the ‘80s up too present day. When the mainstream of the 1980s was littered with nonsensical hair metal and synth ridden pop tracks, this group of four oddballs basically helped carve out the genre of alternative rock. Sure, Husker Du and the Minutemen were competing against each other with their double LP battles, and Sonic Youth was ripping through extremely strange noise experiments, but the Pixies were able to do something different from these bands. With their two masterpieces “Surfer Rosa” and “Doolittle”, the Pixies showed the underground, they could still be dark and brooding but instill a very deep pop twist to the “alternative” music of the day. Husker Du had tampered with it, but the Pixies made it their full fledged purpose. While I’m sure at the time Frank Black and his crew of misfits didn’t think they were doing much, the music found on their two classic LPs would literally influence half of the music to come out of the next two decades. Like the Beatles before them, The Pixies had stumbled upon an extremely odd, yet accessible mesh of genres, and because of it would go down in history as a very very important band.

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