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PILL - The Dull Tools Tapes LP

Dull Tools

PILL - The Dull Tools Tapes LP

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Highly recommended. 

Pill’s music is unsettling, anxious, and frantic. Our cultural climate in musical form with a vibe like the club scene in Lost Highway. The bass provides the hook and foundation, the bass is us in our natural habitat. Enter the saxophone, full of chaos. In your face, confronting you with its manic drive to make noise. The saxophone is that inner rage and turmoil wanting to be released, the lyrical content in musical form. The drums and guitar soundtrack the interplay between the two. The drums, giving the listener something to latch on to, something that can be moved to lest we go insane from the chaos. The guitar almost gets lost in the sound as it sometimes follows the bass and sometimes the saxophone. 

Frustration permeates every fiber of their music. Nothing ever feels resolved. The music is insistent. It wants to let the listener know that everyone has been found wanting in some area. In a song off their full length, Pill tells us “A story retold and refashioned, There is no resolution, only revolution, in the collected memories of our bodies.”

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