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PIG DESTROYER - Octagonal Stairway 12" (colour vinyl)


PIG DESTROYER - Octagonal Stairway 12" (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition silver vinyl. 

A blistering dose of grindcore, harsh noise, and industrial swagger, The Octagonal Stairway features 6 new tracks from the legendary band, and a B-side noise collaboration with Mixhell (feat. Igor Cavalera).

Recommended if you like: Napalm Death, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Nasum, Brutal Truth, Repulsion, Melvins

"In the aftermath of a homicide scene, sometimes the blood patterns can be beautiful. This is Art!" -Decibel
"With sharpened grind core and hardcore punk, Pig Destroyer bloodless your preconceptions and mis conceptions one blast beat and razor riff at a time" -Decibel
"Head Cage does curl its barbed-wire riffs into something like a gnarled swagger." -NPR
"Hull flexes his riffology into new realms, as if allowing the Red-era bombast of King Crimson to barrel into the metallic hardcore mayhem of Deadguy". -NPR
"This is Pig Destroyer smashing the spotlight and giving its audio terror to the dark." -NPR

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