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Pouet! Schallplatten


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Highly recommended.

Bérurier Noir, Métal Urbain, Les Olivensteins etc.
These bands among others, remain a big influence on a number of contemporary punk and garage bands particularly in France.
Enter Pierre & Bastien; a 3 piece from Orléans just outside of Paris.

If you are intro catchy head boppin’ fist pumping punk rock with great guitar hooks this is for you. High energy, dark, mechanical punk. Not very eloquently stated - this. kicks. ass.

On their first full length self titled LP, P&B give us eleven songs of solid punk rock.
There isn’t one bad song on this record. Simple as that.
They’re hard-nosed, tight as hell, and catchy without being too poppy.
A bit darker (and smarter) version of The Spits perhaps?

“Sex! drug! rock & roll!” they shout, as about the only English words on this record; but who needs English when you sound like this. Who needs it period. France is where it’s at.

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