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Riot Season


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Limited edition of 300 copies.

Need a burst of sonic sunshine to kick start the run in to summer? Perhaps, a musical collective - featuring members of Earthless and Acid Mothers Temple - have been quietly beavering away and releasing snapshots of their ecstatic sounds sporadically over the last few years, have the tonic.

The constant gently funky rhythm just engenders the mental imagery of people in a large space, dancing hypnotised in the heat. It’s as if they’ve distilled the spirit, if not entirely the sound, of the rave era, and added it to a cocktail of krautrock and vintage psych rock, then made the Happy Mondays drink it. Hell, even the pyramid on the artwork immediately brings the Glastonbury Festival’s ‘Pyramid’ stage to mind.

Trance rock might be the term we're looking for. For all the surreality of it, the different hints of instruments swirling in the mix (did I just hear a glockenspiel?), what Perhaps are doing has a euphoric element where they subtly build over that core repetition, subtly morphing from one phrase to another, all while the rhythm remains constant and easy to lock into.

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