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PEACERS - Introducing The Crimsmen LP

Drag City

PEACERS - Introducing The Crimsmen LP

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Since their first LP in the summer 2015, The Peacers have been gigging in SF and around, wood-shedding and collecting tunes for this divinely awaited moment: Introducing the Crimsmen. Lurching back into life, with buzz and hum alight and colors flashing, is the name, but the instigators of the sound are almost a whole other bunch (MIKE DONOVAN, SHAYDE SARTIN, MIKE SHOUN and BO MOORE). The tunes rock forth from a jukebox with a crack in the glass, with channels leaking / kaleidoscopic aspects of low-fi life directed back through the wires to form discrete detail, little shadows, backdrops, edgework. The Peacers got a hand into a variety of rock and roll baked goods. Whether gentle psych, basement throb, keening “Time of the Season” nocturne or ground-glass soundscape, it’s all bubblegum boiled in pot, scripted up with stinging street smart, zoloftnagenic reverie and a wink and a chill grin.

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