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PAUL COLLINS BEAT - Another World (The Best Of The Archives) LP (colour vinyl)


PAUL COLLINS BEAT - Another World (The Best Of The Archives) LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition blue colour vinyl.

Highly recommended.

Paul Collins 'I Don't Fit In' BOOK also in stock now.

One of the most enduring power-popsters of our era, no one has been more loyal to the style than Paul Collins. Yet no contemporaries of comparable devotion, including Shoes, Matthew Sweet and the late Tommy Keene, have struggled in quite the same relative anonymity. Still, the native New Yorker has remained both prolific and proud over the years, sans much high profile critical recognition or commercial success, and has now seen fit to compile and present a cross section of his work to the world in the form of the aptly titled Another World: The Best Of The Archives.

Founding member of the legendary proto-punk band The Nerves (with Jack Lee - author of the band's "Hanging on the Telephone" which eventually became a hit for Blondie - and Americana master Peter Case), Paul Collins started his solo career with the release of his album The Beat (Columbia Records, 1979), notably under the management of the late legendary rock impresario Bill Graham. In the interim, the songwriter/guitarist/vocalist has continued to travel the world as he did as a teen and in so doing, has released more than 11 studio albums as Paul Collins, The Beat or Paul Collins' Beat.

Over the course of this vault collection, the playing, singing and writing sounds unremittingly fresh, natural and un-selfconscious, as if it was all recorded just as Collins was hitting his stride.

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