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PATIO - Essentials LP (colour vinyl)

Fire Talk

PATIO - Essentials LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited to 300 "Cloudy Clear" vinyl. 
Highly recommended. 

Inspired by classic British post-punk, the songwriting of Cate LeBon, and the close-knit Brooklyn DIY community from which the band first sprouted, Patio now release their debut full-length Essentials. Building upon the delicacy of the band’s prior work, Essentials presents fuller sounds, heightened emotions, and grander thematic complexity. Its 10 tracks are dark and introspective, yet hopeful, and often humorous - from rambling spoken word meditations to sparkling melodies and soaring riffs. Melodramatic and grotesque expressions abound, as do soft, subtle moments of quiet self-examination. Mixed by Amar Lal (Big Ups, Ovlov) and mastered by Sarah Register (Protomartyr, US Girls).

The sprightly post-punk of Essentials commands attention, not because it’s overzealous or hyperbolic, but because of the vigor Patio bring to their songs. Their attitude recalls predecessors like Dig Me Out-era Sleater-Kinney, but Patio inject the final product with enough modern indie-pop influence to clear them of imitator status. They show off a knack for writing unconventional chord progressions in songs like “Endgame” and “Scum,” where Suh’s drum patterns become an unexpected focal point over zippy guitar melodies.

When DiBlasi’s deadpan alternates with McCloy’s croons, the result is a testament to the band’s sharp wit. Backed by buoyant riffs, the women trade lines on “Boy Scout,” McCloy gliding along the verses until DiBlasi interjects with a bleakly conversational chorus: “I went shopping the other day/This week I can afford to feel better.” Later, “Boy Scout” name-drops one of Patio’s New York City indie-rock peers—“I think I’m gonna go home and listen to Washer instead of spending any more time with you”—a celebration of introversion for those in the know.

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