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PARQUET COURTS - Human Performance LP

Rough Trade

PARQUET COURTS - Human Performance LP

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Parquet Courts have always seemed like an incredibly hip band, picking up exactly where Pavement left off, with plenty of nods to The Fall along the way. Whilst this is still evident, there is also something boldly refreshing about this band that I can't quite put my finger on. The way they weave together their half-nonsense lyrics around their scatty and quirky guitars is something to be admired, but they also keep their songs under control. The result is something that also draws from the unhinged versatility of The Velvet Underground, seen especially in the album's knockout track "One Man, No City", which begins as a catchy Post Punk rocker and ends with a lengthy jangly guitar jam. The title track here is also a supremely powerful and somewhat anthemic track. Opener "Dust" has a strong Americana vibe that sees Wilco's Jeff Tweedy guest on guitar. Parquet Courts may appear a little obnoxious at times with how quirky their music, album art and song titles are, but besides that they are proving themselves to be one of the finest Indie/Alternative Rock bands going right now.

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