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PARANOYDS - Carnage Bargain LP (colour vinyl)

Suicide Squeeze

PARANOYDS - Carnage Bargain LP (colour vinyl)

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Includes d/l code.
Limited edition blue vinyl.
Highly recommended.

The Paranoyds play that cool, dangerous, lazy malaise that hangs in Southern California like sticky-thick pollution. You don’t exactly notice it, but it’s been in the atmosphere for a long time—generations have consumed it. It’s in the ether: the existential rockabilly of X, the sun-scorched devil blues of The Doors, the short-lived nihilism of The Germs and, of course, the nonchalant valley girl, surf-punk of The Go-Go’s.

The Paranoyds don’t play around. They have elements of pop, punk, horror, grunge and straight-up rock n’ roll aggression. It may not happen on the first run-through of the record, as it took me a couple of listens to understand its multi-layered carnival of souls. It’s scary, sloppy, complicated, smart, glib and badass to the core.

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