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PANDORA - Space Amazon LP (with bonus 7"EP)

Supreme Echo

PANDORA - Space Amazon LP (with bonus 7"EP)

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Limited edition of 700 copies.

Detailed 16pg booklet with bio / photos.

New York City’s mysterious lost n found hard rock / protopunk-metal masterpiece from 1974 — Pandora echoed of stardom with dynamic rhythms, fuzz-drenched guitar dexterity, and flamboyant, vigorous rockstar vocals. A world class group with members of Plum Nelly, Black Widow, David Johansen, Twisted Sister, and The Demons. 10 songs engineered by Joe Battaglia (Granicus) meticulously remastered by Audu Obaje.

“majestic Who-like power chords, Zeppelinesque panache, plaster-cracking castrato vocals and poetic Spiders from Mars lyrics” - Doug Sheppard / Ugly Things.

“solid, spangled raunch far truer to the spirit of the era than the Kiss reunion tour was, with a garage spunk that’s more white-punks-on-hope than 8-track flashback” - David Fricke / Rolling Stone Magazine.

Fully authorized and on vinyl for the first time.

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