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PALBERTA - Bye Bye Berta LP

Wharf Cat

PALBERTA - Bye Bye Berta LP

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Highly recommended by Strangeworld.

In an industry that favors niche branding and subgenre packaging, PALBERTA is a difficult band to place. Their music is free and uninhibited in a way that makes it all their own. Often, Palberta songs are marked with a child-like communication—chants and lullabies are met with snarling tantrums, while their instruments coo and careen towards an often abrupt finish. Their playful approach to writing produces work that is hyper-emotional—as jarring as it is soothing and as loopy as it is sinister. Palberta was formed when LILY KONIGSBERG, ANINA IVRY-BLACK and NINA RYSER met while attending Bard College. They honed their sound in basements across the Hudson valley, and quickly gained a reputation for their brazen and feverish live shows. Through prolific touring and recording, they have developed a dedicated nationwide following without the aid of a major label. Outside of the band, the three of them actively pursue solo endeavors, with Palberta serving as a culminating force—a band driven by uncompromising personality.

"Their sound is largely in line with the post-punk era’s great experimentalists - This Heat’s rattlesnake coils of toxic rhythmic interplay, Sun City Girls’ prankish melodies—but they approach these sounds with a sort of overloaded glee, crashing and careening through styles and sounds for little more than a couple minutes at a time. Then, they’ll awkwardly trade instruments before barreling through another sub-two-minute track." - Pitchfork (7.7)

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