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PAINT THINNER - Hagioscope To The Heart LP


PAINT THINNER - Hagioscope To The Heart LP

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Highly recommended. 

An expansion upon the band's noisy blend of psychedelic Sturm und Drang showcased on their debut, The Sea of Pulp. 

But whereas the noise simmered below the gloom and murk on The Sea of Pulp, it’s present now in a more declaratory sense before either yielding to or consuming the melody entirely. The self-effacing desperation that permeated The Sea of Pulp while still present, is tempered by a sense of power. This isn’t anger, and this isn’t escapism. This is catharsis. 

Recorded and Mixed in the spring by Adam Cox at his own Hamtramck Sound Studios, Hagioscope to the Heart saw the band broadening its sound with additional instrumentation and due in no small part to the arrival of new drummer Jeff Else, who had handled production on their demo a few years prior.

"raw synthetic explosion of sound.. feels like a Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd album, with some Fugazi floating about. Just a great experience start to finish, alt-punk-psychedelic mushy madness" - random Bandcamp comment 

RIYL: Wire's 154, Brain Records' catalogue, Sonic Youth, Early Pink Floyd, Mission Of Burma

Brilliant! Stick with it until 1:45...

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