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ORION - s/t LP

Cool Death

ORION - s/t LP

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Includes bonus poster.

"Decidedly retro, new-romantic synth-pop... They appear to be a bunch of punks (a couple ex-members of Oily Boys are in Orion), but the music offered here is the sort of thing that scoffed at punk rock back in 1985, instead obsessing over The Cure, The Durutti Column, Tears For Fears and OMD as the music of the future. Electronic drums, bass run through vintage flange, chiming guitar and the light dusting of a synth make up the music, as vocalist Yuta Matsumura swings between iconic new-wave vocal stylings, going from Bernard Sumner to Morrissey sometimes in the same song (check “After Day”, which comes sauntering down the alley with a Smiths-y shake). These songs are moody and introspective without ever feeling generically gothy, and while my tolerance for new takes on this old style is running thin, Orion add to the enduring legacy of pop-minded new-wave rather than help wear it out." - Yellow Green Red

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