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OLD MATE - It Is What It Is LP


OLD MATE - It Is What It Is LP

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Highly recommended.

Old Mate is originally the solo project of Pat Telfer from Australian band Bitch Prefect.

Formed in Adelaide but nowadays based in Melbourne, Old Mate here presents its first album. Still centered around founding member Pat Telfer, Old Mate is now a strong cast of 7 to 10 musicians including members of Peak Twins and Wireheads. Old Mate kept from its first songs a certain melancholy that spices up this debut LP. Eight songs all in false flat, constantly and brilliantly defying an infinite monotony. Suspended on the fragile life line floating on the horizon, these not-so-calm songs are glued together by the thick limbo of permanent doubt. Frequently staring at the blind spot, the reality spot, Old Mate conceived an album for the heaviness of the daily grind. A saxophone is sometimes warmly welcomed by the band, like sparkles in the Baudelairian spleen. One might think sometimes of Syd Barrett, Lou Reed, "Dreamy"-era Beat Happening, The Go-Betweens or some contemporary bands of the great australian scene like Dick Diver and Kitchen's Floor. Oh and some weird funky stuff too (check "Stressin"!). A first album with a great deal of character. 

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