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OHMNS - The Rice Tape 12"

K Ultrax

OHMNS - The Rice Tape 12"

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From the muddy banks of the Mersey comes this 5 track mini-album by the front-runners of the New Liverpool Underground - their (long-gone) cassette release now on vinyl.

Twenty two minutes and fourteen seconds of white hot Granadaland Gnarl fusing paint-stripping Post-Punk with "Back From The Grave" Garage Rock Gunk (not to mention a heavy, heavy dose of Metalcore Skrunk). Dig The Fall? The Gories? The Common Cold? Arndales? Imperial Wax? Sabbath? Replacements? This is for you, Daddy-O. This is for anyone who still believes in the R&R dream—R&R as primal scream.

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