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NINE CIRCLES - The Early Days 2LP


NINE CIRCLES - The Early Days 2LP

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Highly recommended. 

On the great Onderstroom label, who brought us Glorious Din, O Veux, Fra Lippo Lippi and Ssleeping Desiress. 

Nine Circles was formed in the early 80s by Peter Van Garderen and Lidia Fiala. In 1980 there was band called Genetic Factor. This band split up by the time each of the three members found a girlfriend and the boys started to make music together with their girls. So at that time there were 3 bands living together in one house. 

One of the couples were Peter van Garderen and Lidia Fiala. Lidia has been writing lyrics since she was 15 years old. So they had the music and there were the lyrics… Nine Circles was born. Within 2 years they wrote about 60 songs.

Also living in the house was Richard Zeilstra, who had a job at the VPRO radio, hosting a show called „Spleen“ where he gave New Wave bands a chance to play. He asked bands to send tapes to him and the best band would have the opportunity to play live at the radio and also got the chance to be on the „Radio Nome“ compilation. Peter and Lidia sent their tape to him and were the only ones of this house to be on the show. Richard knew their music was special. Nine Circles never played a live show, only this one concert live at the radio which is also featured on the LP.

Two years later Peter and Lidia split up and Nine Circles disappeared. In 2009 Lidia’s son googled her name, just for fun and found a lot about the band Nine Circles. Lidia was surprised, she never knew how popular Nine Circles have been over the years. Peter still had all the old recordings and sent Lidia all the music they have made together back in the days.

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