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NIGHT SHOP - The Fountain 12"


NIGHT SHOP - The Fountain 12"

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Highly recommended.

Night Shop is one of the (many) reasons that make every week at Strangeworld a great one. Justin Sullivan writes some of the catchiest tunes about and this EP is no different. To think, had Kevin Morby brought him to Australia on his last tour, Night Shop (with Meg Duffy aka Waxahatchee) would've played Strangeworld! 

"The Fountain was supposed to be a full length album but as the songs took shape, I realized that there was something cohesive going on with a smaller batch. They all focused on the theme of platonic love with a sense of gratitude. I think that traditionally, I had mostly written yearning, romantic odes and it was nice to focus on what was right in front of me and have a record be about that for a change. A big part of this project for me is about trying to reflect on the years I've spent touring and playing in different bands, mostly punk bands who played in warehouses and never released records. I want this project to be a part of that legacy. So much of those old scenes were about celebrating the time we were living and the friendships we were forming and so this is sort of my older take on those excited sentiments. Basically, what does a punk song about friendships look like 20 years later? Probably a little slower, a little softer and a little more melancholy." - Justin Sullivan

Sullivan’s breezy indie-rock ditties are reminiscent of Jonathan Richman. You’ll know him better as a drummer - he’s best known for being a tub-thumper for Kevin Morby’s various endeavours and also formed the fuzz punk outfit Flat Worms, with Tim Hellman of Oh Sees and Will Ivy. 

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