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NICO - Drama of Exile LP

Modern Harmonic

NICO - Drama of Exile LP

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2021 reissue.

Contrary to popular belief, Nico lost neither her voice, nor her talent for gripping and engaging tunes and words, in her later career. She may have pulled back a bit on her trademark harmonium, but that was used for any number of these songs on any live album of hers (of which there are many), you can find.

This album is about Nico's many experiences, feeling like she had no particular home, and enjoying the wandering like a gypsy of sorts.

The album starts with the stirring and altogether fantastic number "Genghis Khan", in which she muses on feelings of destiny to someone who she met, who is, whether literally or figuratively, thought of as the reincarnation of the title person. Whichever the case, it is applied to these serious, yet mystically portrayed emotions.

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