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NEUTRALS - Rent/Your House 7"EP

Domestic Departure

NEUTRALS - Rent/Your House 7"EP

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Includes d/l code.
Limited edition of 300 copies. 
Two colour risograph printed sleeve. 
Highly recommended. 

On the excellent label who brought us the Bedrooms LP (back in stock!) 

Neutrals are a trio from the San Francisco Bay Area, owing as much to the direct, tightly-wound edge of Wire-schooled post-punk as the proto-C86 melancholic jangle of bands like the Television Personalities. The Rent/Your House EP is their second vinyl release, after their 2019 debut LP Kebab Disco on Emotional Response Records. 

In protest at the current administration's treatment of immigrants & refugees, and at the growing threat of fascism throughout the world, the EP includes a cover of "Hitler's In the Charts Again," a 1981 B-side by Scottish punk band the Exploited. Guitarist/vocalist Allan McNaughton says: "I finally became a US citizen last year. As an immigrant, my situation in the US always felt somewhat tenuous, but now that my status is more secure I feel safer using my voice to speak out in support of those with less privilege."

Any profits from this record will be donated to RAICES & Border Angels, two organizations currently working against the consequences of the modern-day right-wing policies of the US government. Learn more at raicestexas.org & borderangels.org

“Paying some serious stylistic debts to the transitional period between post-punk and C86 in the early-to-mid ‘80s UK underground—had they actually existed back then, NEUTRALS could have fit on the Cherry Red roster next to the MONOCHROME SET just as easily as they could have on Creation Records alongside MEAT WHIPLASH.” – Erika Elizabeth, Maximumrocknroll 

“endearing and addictive jangly indie/punk with guitars ripped from deep cuts from the Rough Trade and 4AD catalogues.” – Terminal Escape blog 

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